Motion Sickness Policy

AFC understands that a few of our clients suffer from severe motion sickness but still wish to join us on a motorcoach vacation.  We are happy to have you and can make the following concession as far as seating on the motorcoach:
1) You must tell AFC at the time of reservation that you need this assistance.

2) You must furnish AFC with a signed note from your doctor that your condition is so severe that medication alone will not solve the problem.
3) AFC will then instruct the tour manager on your trip to seat you in one of the first 3 rows behind their seat on the driver’s side of the coach.
4) This will be your permanent seat on the motorcoach and you will not rotate seats.  All other passengers will rotate around your seat as instructed by the tour manager.
5) Your traveling companion can join you in this row.  However, if you are traveling with other friends, they cannot move with you and must stay in the regular seat rotation.
6) Unfortunately, if a client does not give AFC advance notice of this need and fails to provide us with a doctor’s note, we may not be able to accommodate their needs.  In this case, it is up to the tour manager, after consulting with the AFC office, if we can honor your request.
Thank you for adhering to our Motion Sickness Policy.  We think it’s the best and most fair way to handle these requests.