Tour Activity Levels

Traveling is a wonderful experience! Please keep in mind your capabilities when choosing your vacations.

Activity Level 1
Activity Level 1 - Easy Pace: Walking / standing for shorter periods on level ground. shorter tour days, with more rest options and free time.

Activity Level 2
Activity Level 2 - Moderate Pace: More Walking / standing daily, walking on uneven ground. Rest options available. Some early morning departures.

Activity Level 3
Activity Level 3: Moderately Active Pace - Active walking daily, some hiking, uneven terrain, hills, and steps. Less rest options available. Active sightseeing, early starts, evening activities, and significant travel times possible.

Activity Level 4
Activity Level 4 - Active Pace: Heavy walking daily, some hiking, hills, steps, and on uneven terrain.Very few rest options available. Consistently robust pace, very full and active days with early morning departures, possibly extended travel times, and use of different modes of local transport.